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Tennessee Technological University (TTU) Tuition & Fees

2020-21 TN eCampus Tuition & Fees

Degree Type

Online Tuition +  Online Course Fee
(cost per credit hour)

e-Rate for Non-residents
Online Tuition + Online Course Fee*
(cost per credit hour)







Note: To calculate course or program costs, multiply cost per credit hour by total number of hours. For example, the cost for a 3 credit hour course is calculated as follows:

In-state undergraduate = $1,341 or ($447 x 3)
In-state graduate = $1,926 or ($642 x 3)
e-Rate non-resident undergraduate = $1,761 or ($587 x 3)
e-Rate non-resident graduate = $2,346 or ($782 x 3)

*e-Rate Non-resident Terms and Conditions

  1. The e-Rate is available to enrolled students who are classified as non-residents of Tennessee; are enrolled exclusively in online courses; and, meet all institution admission requirements.
  2. Students enrolled in both online courses and courses which utilize other delivery formats (on-ground, tele-course, distance education, etc.) will not be eligible for the e-Rate and will instead incur traditional non-resident fees and charges. Students who subsequently drop the other course delivery formats will not then become eligible for the e-Rate.

Textbooks, ebooks and recommended course materials are additional and are not included in tuition and fees.  Visit the Bookstore and click on Find Textbooks for information on costs associated with your courses.