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Student Success Guidelines

Asynchronous Format
TN eCampus online classes are designed in a format to be accessed anytime of the day or night and from any location connected to the Internet.
Time Commitment
Online courses require at least the same amount or preparation and study time as traditional campus courses. As an example, for a three credit hour course you should expect to spend at least 45 hours over the semester accessing the course materials plus additional time for completing assignments, papers, and exams.
Students are responsible for the purchase of all required hardware, software, and materials necessary for any TN eCampus course. Refer to the syllabus for specific details for this course.
Desire2Learn (D2L)
D2L is the course management software used to facilitate TN eCampus courses. It is the student's responsibility to learn the basic structure and mechanics for accessing the courses materials, communicating with the instructor and other members of the course, and completing assignments. Help is available online and by phone as listed in the help-related links in the navigation menu at left.
Standards of Conduct
Students are required to adhere to the same professional, legal, and ethical standards of conduct online as on campus. In addition, students should conform to generally accepted standards of "Netiquette" in sending e-mail, posting to the discussion board, and other means of communicating online. Specifically, students should refrain from inappropriate and/or offensive language, comments, and actions.