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Proctored Exam Setup

The option to use proctors for mid-term and final exams is set up by the course developer. The instructor's role is to support students as they set up proctoring options.  

Because of social distancing, many on-ground testing centers cannot accommodate students for in-person testing at this time. TN eCampus strongly encourages the use of virtual proctoring, when proctoring is required. 


There are three possible paths for students to secure proctoring below:

Instructors can help students by reminding them well in advance of proctored specific events within the course. Likewise, students must notify the instructor of their site preference. If students will not be proctored through a TBR site, test information must be sent to the proctor in advance of the exam. Finding a TBR site or using online proctoring through virtual proctoring are the preferred methods.

Virtual proctoring can be used with all TN eCampus courses, including accelerated courses. (Contact the TN eCampus Help Desk to make arrangements for accelerated course exams.)

Virtual Proctoring for Instructors

Learn more about setting up virtual proctoring for specific exams including: dashboard navigation, setting rules, special accommodation and tracking exam status in the TN eCampus Knowledge Books.