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Proctor Duties

The proctor will provide a quiet, distraction-free place for students to take an exam or write an essay and will also ensure that needed materials and equipment are available.

In addition, the proctor will do the following when a student arrives:

  • Check to ensure that the student's identity matches the proctoring request. Students should bring a photo ID for this purpose.
  • Provide any print materials needed for the exam or essay.
  • Provide access to needed URLs.
  • Provide needed passwords.
  • Make sure that the student is not disturbed or distracted by others.
  • Ensure that students understand the conditions for taking the exam or writing the essay.
  • Make sure that student is performing the work.
  • Collect any print materials (as needed) when finished.
  • Verify that the student has completed any required computer work and submitted it correctly via computer.