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How to Check Your Progress in D2L

This feature allows students to view their coursework progress over the semester. Progress in the following areas can be monitored:

  • Course Content
  • Discussion
  • Dropbox
  • Grades
  • Surveys

Information includes log-in history, completion dates of activities and assessments, and which content modules have or haven't been viewed. At the start of the semester there won't be much information, but you should check your progress from time to time as the semester progresses.

Checking Your Progress

Navigate to Course Tools and select User Progress in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of D2L Course Tools dropdown menu on main dashboard

Progress Views

  1. Choose to view progress by course tool. (Example shows viewing Course Content progression.)

Screenshot of Course Content Progression on D2L User Progress home screen

Print a Progress Report

Print a record of your progress:

Step 1: Choose Print from the options provided.

Screenshot of print button location on User Progress home screen

Step 2:  Select Settings to choose tool progress to include:

Screenshot of Settings button location on Print Preview screen


Step 3:  Select the Components you need in your report.  Place a check in the checkbox.  

Screenshot of Print Settings options

Step 4:  Select Save. Close button and then Print.

Screenshot of save and close button location on Print Settings screen

View the Video on Your Progress

Screenshot of course progress video