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MPS - Strategic Leadership


The Master's of Professional Studies with a concentration in Strategic Leadership is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program in the social sciences and the professions. It explores the topic from a contemporary perspective in a dynamic global environment. Core requirements emphasize competencies for implementing organizational systems, managing change, communicating change, and resolving conflict within a framework of ethical leadership. The program also gives you an opportunity to expand your understanding of inclusive and collaborative leadership behaviors and develop competencies for using them effectively. Throughout the program, you continually reflect on, assess and frame your own personal leadership style, strengths and weaknesses.

In this interdisciplinary program, students make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines. Unlike an MBA, which focuses on technical knowledge of current business practices and theory, a strategic leadership degree exposes you to a broad range of principles that can be applied in any career field.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program is designed for working adults who wish to pursue graduate professional studies that combine two or more disciplines. Because the MPS student's academic needs and interests are multidisciplinary, they are not generally served by traditional programs.

Degree Availability

This Master's degree program can be obtained online through five universities. Select a university from the list below to find out more about the degree program. Upon completion, your degree will be awarded and conferred by the institution you select as your home school. There is no differentiation between earning your degree on-ground or online.