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MPS - Human Resources Leadership


Human resources professionals are increasingly becoming an integral part of an organization's strategic planning process. Company executives are turning to HR professionals for policy directives and creative ways to use human capital for improved performance results.

The Master of Professional Studies with a concentration in Human Resources Leadership focuses on a variety of workplace factors (economic, environmental, ethical, legal, political and administrative) and the impact they can have on organizational productivity, performance and behavior. The objective of the program is to help students develop a strong foundation in HR principles and procedures and to develop critical thinking skills required to make decisions and solve problems concerning the human side of an organization.

This program prepares individuals for leadership roles in human resources. The interdisciplinary approach is appropriate because of the many skills and knowledge areas that are needed for success in the field.

Degree Availability

This Master's degree program can be obtained online through five universities. Select a university from the list below to find out more about the degree program. Upon completion, your degree will be awarded and conferred by the institution you select as your home school. There is no differentiation between earning your degree on-ground or online.