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Grade Appeal Process

Student Appeal Process:

The student contacts the instructor to verify that the grade awarded agrees with the grade on the student's transcript. The student should submit any concern in writing via D2L course e-mail, external e-mail, and/or telephone.

If the problem persists:

  • The student contacts his/her home Student Liaison (submit concern in writing via e-mail)
  • The home Student Liaison communicates with the Student Liaison from the delivering institution and explains the student's concerns
  • The Student Liaison from the delivering institution notifies the instructor or department chair of the situation
  • Once a decision has been reached, the Student Liaison from the delivering institution communicates back to the home Student Liaison
  • The home Student Liaison records the decision and communicates with the student
  • The student has the right to appeal the decision following the Student Rights and Appeal Process at the student’s home campus. In the event that the student elects to appeal the decision made by the delivery institution, all course documentation should be provided to the student's home campus for evaluation. The student must adhere to the grade appeal process at the home campus, which is responsible for the final grade appeal decision.