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Degree Program Summary

The degree and certificate programs featured below are offered on a cooperative basis by participating universities, community colleges and colleges of applied technology.  The highly-successful TN eCampus cooperative model provides a platform for schools to jointly develop and deliver courses which meet approved degree requirements.

Benefits for Students:

  • CHOICE – Choose your preferred institution from among several who offer your program of interest. Your degree is awarded by the institution you select.
  • TRANSFERABILITY – Course credits transfer seamlessly to other TBR institutions.
  • RIGOR – There’s no difference between courses taken online versus courses taken on campus.
  • QUALITY – Jointly developed online courses are held to the same quality standards as traditional courses.
  • ACCESS – Learn from highly-qualified faculty across the entire system, not just those from the campus where you’re enrolled.
  • DIVERSITY – Interact online with classmates from other institutions and walks of life!

Degree Program Summary

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