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BPS – Health Administration

Program Overview

The healthcare field needs good managers to keep business and operations running smoothly. Healthcare administrators plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of healthcare in large facilities and group medical practices. Because the structure and financing of healthcare is changing rapidly, there is a need for administrators who are prepared to deal with the integration of healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations, a complex regulatory environment, and improved efficiencies and quality of care delivered.

This degree concentration prepares students interested in entering the healthcare field in an administrative capacity. According to US Department of Labor statistics, the healthcare field is projected to grow faster than average and job opportunities are good.

Degree Availability

This Bachelor's degree program can be obtained online from the universities shown below. Select a university from the list below to find out more about the degree program. Upon completion, your degree will be awarded and conferred by the institution you select as your home school. There is no differentiation between earning your degree on-ground or online.