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Accessing Your Course(s)

Ready to Get Started?

Follow this checklist:

  • Log in and become familiar with the D2L Learning environment. Use guest as your user name and Guest2017 as your password.
  • In the top navigation bar under the Select a Course dropdown, choose Online Readiness.
  • Perform a system check to ensure your hardware and software are compatible with the learning management system.

Anxious to Log Into Your Course?

Log-in access to your course is available on the the first day of the semester after 3:00 PM Central Time.  View semester start dates on the academic calendar.  

If you are registered for online courses offered by your home campus instead of TN eCampus, contact your home institution for information on how to access those courses. 

How to Access Your Course

Login for students enrolled in an R50, R01 or R25 section of a course which is cooperatively delivered by TBR university and community college faculty.

Username and Password:

Your username is the first initial of your first name and full last name plus the first four digits of your birthdate (MMDD). If your last name is hyphenated it will be your entire last name including the hyphen.

Username Example: Susan Brown-Thomas = sbrown-thomas0705

Your Password is your six digit birthdate. Example: July 5, 1990 = 070590

Need a Password Reset? 

Visit the D2L login page and look for the Password Reset link. If you have any questions about the process, contact the Helpdesk toll-free at 866-895-8429.

Please note that this reset process is for TN eCampus D2L passwords only. Login procedures and passwords used on your home school site will not be changed.

Login for technical courses leading to certificates and diplomas offered at TBR's 27 Colleges of Applied Technology across Tennessee. 

Continuing Education

Login for for students enrolled in on-demand or scheduled sessions of courses that offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) instead of college credit.